Love and the Human Heart

Posted by on Apr 5, 2012 in Chickens Diaries
Love and the Human Heart

“Mommy, I’m bringing her with us.”  Cradled in my daughter’s hands was a brown chick swaddled in her blue bandana.  It rested securely against her chest as she clucked comforting words.

“Okay” I agreed.

We were returning some items to Costco and wouldn’t be there long. The chicken man had said the more we handle them the better.

At this juncture I couldn’t help but ponder the simple question – What makes an animal a pet?  Here my daughter affectionately held a creature, who under most circumstances would grow up to be Sunday dinner, but here also she held something of her own gentleness, affection and yes, growing love.  What a funny world this is where a person can love something, care for it and eventually grieve when it is gone, that same something the family feeds on several times a week

As I’ve said before, farm girl I’m not.  But I do realize that there, in that crisp bandana lay a piece of my daughter’s heart, and because I love her, I’m in this funny conundrum of roasting chicken with garlic and rosemary for dinner, while loving and caring for this downy bird nestled in my child’s arms.  It’s a sensitive thing – gentleness and compassion are being cultivated.

Oh the complexities of love and the human heart!


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