What’s New at Providence

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What’s New at Providence


For Providence, the year 2014 is one of beginnings as we settle into our new building and spread our wings. The extra space has opened up possibilities not feasible in the old facility, and with happy tummies (classical music played at lunch), and stronger legs (from climbing our many stairs), we celebrate together and give thanks to the Author of all things new.


Pre-Kindergarten Enrichment

Teacher Robin Hilt draws from her experience with children, the performing arts, and music to offer an enrichment program for our youngest students. These classes are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, immediately after morning Pre-Kindergarten, and end with the rest of the school at 2:50PM. The enrichment program is a perfect option for kids who are ready for a full school day, as well families with older students.


“We are creative because we are made in God’s image, and He is the Creator.” Just a peek into Debra Mason’s new art room inspires creativity. Her lessons combine realistic drawings with graphic design, self-portraits with borders made in the style of famous artists, and vintage cereal boxes that incorporate the short brush strokes of Van Gogh. Class time and after-school art are a flurry of activity aimed to harness creativity and “silence any fear in a child about creating art.”



Books, books, and more books—reading is an indispensable part of education, especially classical. When Providence moved to Kirkland, we acquired a fully shelved library, and overnight our collection expanded from 1,000 to 4,000 volumes. Grammar students from Kindergarten to sixth grade visit the library each week where librarian Deana Thayer reads to them and they learn about library organization. At the end of class the kids can browse and check out books to take home.


Science Lab

Scientists work under all sorts of conditions and in a variety of environments, but when it comes to teaching class, a functional laboratory is especially useful. This year, Mr. Morris and Miss Nadreau have upgraded from a simple classroom with desks and chairs to a full-fledged science lab. The new space has a hood to vent fumes and contain experiments, as well as four spacious work stations, each with a sink, gas, and a drawer full of equipment. The new arrangement not only streamlines class time, but also allows indoor demonstrations and more space for hands-on learning.

-Published in Terra Firma, Spring 2015

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