Songs in the Night

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Songs in the Night

Where is God my Maker, who gives songs in the night,..”

Job 35:10

Do you ever wake up with a tune in your head?

God does this, speaks to us through song.

Recently I greeted the morning as a song rang through my mind. I got up and searched my hymnal for the accompanying words. Then I picked up my guitar, and began singing. The words in Praise to the Lord, the Almighty struck me, “Hast thou not seen how thy desires all have been granted in what He ordaineth?”

Yes. I had seen God’s complete care for me in everything—at least for a moment.

While driving the previous day, my mind and emotions twisted around some ongoing situations I struggled with. Each trial troubled me deeply. Given the choice, I would not have picked any of those circumstances. Yet, the more I conversed with the Lord, the more I realized I HAD ASKED for them.


God was using those struggles to faithfully answer my prayers: prayers for freedom from over-caring for men’s opinions, prayers for Him to make His home in my heart, and prayers to live more fully under His throne were all being lovingly answered IN those very difficulties.

A curtain seemed to part and for a moment I glimpsed God’s faithfulness in my life. I smiled at the revelation and began to praise God for his ways in all things. My current storm of troubles had temporarily blinded me, but now I saw that God was still guiding my ship. The following morning my Captain gave me words for what I had seen, in the form of a song. How lovely! God had shown me a living picture and with the song He not only filled me with joy, but also conveyed the caption.

Do you sometimes trudge through situations or feel lost and tossed about? Do you ever need a reminder that God’s heart toward you is good? That He remains at the helm?

Why not ask for a glimpse and a song? Find your Maker. He is waiting to clear your sky and encourage you. He truly is a God who gives songs in the night.



I’d love to hear your stories about God’s speaking. Please encourage others by sharing them in the comment section below. 

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